Red Line High Performance Motorcycle Oil

Oil Weight: 20W50

Oil Type: Synthetic

ZDDP Enhanced: Yes

Product Description:
Red Line high performance motorcycle oil is a fully synthetic formula specifically created for the demands of the latest high-revving, 4-stroke motocross bikes and ATVs, sport bikes, and V-twins. Available in popular viscosities, these ester-based products contain the anti-wear chemistry demanded by mechanics and enthusiasts. The levels of zinc and phosphorus blended into these lubricants are among the highest in the industry and combine well with Red Line's chemistry. The oil is designed to seal piston rings for more power, fight fuel dilution, extend drain intervals, and provide stronger film strength over a range of temperatures. They also feature lower levels of friction modifiers for superior wet clutch operation. Excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance, cleanliness, and ability to lubricate hot metal make Red Line high performance motor oil the superior lubricant choice.

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