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Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish - 5 oz

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Size: 5 oz

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The ultimate detailer in a can for motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, automobiles, marine and power equipment   This is the "stuff." One whiff of its familiar smell and you'll know you are cleaning your bike with the best. The result is a showroom shine that you can be proud of. Original Spray Cleaner & Polish is the ultimate "detailer in a can" for motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, automobiles, marine and power equipment. This product is totally portable and does not require water to produce excellent results and help protect against ozone and dirt accumulation.

Product Features: - Superior roadside detailer - Cleans road grime, grease and bugs without water - Quickly cleans, polish and protect the paint and chrome on your bike - Repels Water - Anti-Static Properties - Reduces Dust Buildup

Cycle World Review:
History first: This product actually was formerly branded for and sold by Honda and Harley-Davidson. Now, it’s Original Bike Spirits.

And it has the same magical cleaning properties as before. Paint, windshields, faceshields, bare aluminum, chrome, plastic and other hard surfaces wipe clean quickly, easily and streak-free (best results are obtained with microfiber towels). But it also works on vinyl, rubber, leather and even wood. Used on weathered black rubber, it restores the dull sheen lost through age and exposure, and also removes the surface scum that sometimes forms. On leather jackets, it cleans off dirt and bugs without harming the material’s pigment. The polish is a bit slippery, so use caution around grips, seat and tires. Also, some of the flat-paint finishes used on motorcycles and helmets today may not be fond of the polish, so try a small, inconspicuous area first. It also has impressive solvent action that is strong yet gentle. Chain lube flung onto a rear wheel or tail section? Easily dissolved. In a pinch, we’ve even used it to clean chains.

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