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LS2 Spitfire Black Flag Helmet

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LS2 Spitfire Helmet
Color: Black Flag

Product Description:
The Spitfire is a modern take on the classic bobber helmet.
The LS2 Spitfire Helmet starts with a lightweight shell, adds a drop down inner sun shield, a rich comfortable padded interior
and includes a ventilation system to allow fresh air to pass through the material, keeping you cool and dry.
All of this gives you a perfect fitting helmet for all day comfort, finish it off with a DOT-approved quick release chinstrap,
and you have a modern, comfortable helmet with the retro style you love.

Product Features:
- Built-in sun shield
- Ventilated, hypoallergenic comfort padding to keep you cool
- Quick release chinstrap
- Meets or exceeds DOT standards

No Reviews Yet.

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