Leather Sissybar Duffle Bag w/ Patches


LIVE TO RIDE Motorcycle Duffle Bag

Product Information:
This tote bag is constructed like a traditional luggage piece, but with the added functionality and attitude of a motorcycle bag. The standout patches celebrate the spirit of the open road, while the hook and loop fasteners securely attach the bag to your bike for worry-free transport. When the ride is over, throw it over your shoulder and it carries like a normal tote bag

Product Features:
- Multiple exterior pockets
- Multiple patches
- 2 hook and loop fasteners to attach bag to motorcycle
- Webbed LIVE TO RIDE handles
- Detachable/adjustable webbed LIVE TO RIDE shoulder strap
- Live To Ride™ brand embroidered cloth patches are included and already sewn in place
- Made of Genuine Leather

Product Details:
Measures 17'' x 10'' x 11''

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