BADASS Carbonair Helmet

BADASS Carbonair Helmet

Product Description:
BADASS is now even MORE BADASS !
All the look, style, and comfort but even LIGHTER. The CARBONAIR helmet only available from BADASS HELMETS
is the LIGHTEST and most COMFORTABLE DOT helmet ever made...Guaranteed.
It has a new steel blue, “super plush,” super smooth Lycra® interior that contours to your head
and is designed to never lift. The CARBONAIR's soft, silky web straps - will not chafe your neck and
it comes with the best helmet lock in the industry but the main reason the CARBONAIR is even MORE BADASS
is that it's made with Incredibly Strong, REAL Carbon Fibre, and this makes the CARBONAIR helmet unbelievably "feather lightweight" just like AIR.

Product Features:
- Has a very sleek Classic profile that sits down low.
- Deep recessed crown
- "Skintight" look and feel
- Thinner than a dime DOT headliner
- This shell is so BADASS, it looks awesome on everyone.
- Made of 100% Natural Carbon Fibre
- Nickel hardware
- Soft, silky double-webbed straps
- Easy one-finger "Shark Tooth" quick release buckle
- Ultra "Feather Lightweight". Like "AIR" Less than a pound!
- Interior contours to your head
- Flat Black Carbon fiber smooth finish
- Comes with an Optional Badass Logo Decal TO APPLY YOURSELF. Logo Decal no longer comes on Helmet.

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