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Badass Rocker Reverse Biker Helmet

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The Rocker (Reverse Trooper)

The smallest, most badass DOT approved jockey style motorcycle helmet, designed to be worn backwards. Unbelievably comfortable, low profile, stylish and the best quality helmet available on the market from Badass.

Lightweight, only 15 oz! Backwards motorcycle helmet with a ultra comfortable thin interior that contours to your head for the best comfortable fit. Stays in place while riding, wont lift up and pull on your neck.


  • The only helmet in the industry that was designed to be worn backwards like a baseball cap
  • DOT sticker will be in the front if you flip helmet around
  • Deep recessed crown
  • Thinner than a dime DOT headliner
  • Polycarbonate, high impact resin
  • Soft, silky double-webbed straps
  • Easy one-finger "Shark Tooth" quick release buckle
  • Lightweight 24 oz weight
  • Interior contours to your head
  • Flat black smooth finish

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